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2014-Mar-30 09:45 - Jamie Dominic and Alistair Swodeck Sex Tape

Holy fuck balls do we have a treat for you!
Thanks to the same kind soul who sent us Jason Borish?€™s nude pics, we got our filthy little grubby hands on an exclusive (leaked?) sex tape between model/musician/webcam star Jamie Dominic (aka Dylan Ryan) and model/fitness buff Alistair Swodeck (aka Alistair Nichols). We don?€™t know the backstory of the video but it pretty much speaks for itself.
Jamie and Alistair start off by making out before heading into the bathroom where they shower, make out some more, and trade blowjobs. Then Alistair shaves Jamie?€™s ass to get him ready for the rimming and pounding he has in store for the tattooed stud. Next, it?€™s off to the bedroom where the real action begins. There?€™s more making out, more oral, and then Alistair goes in for the kill ?€” Jamie?€™s freshly shaven hole.
The moans Jamie makes while Alistair is rimming him might be enough to send you over the top. It is unbelievably hot ?€” made even hotter by the fact that this is all real and unscripted. This isn?€™t any gay-for-pay porn here, this is gay-for-play and you can tell both dudes are into it and getting off on the pure pleasure. This is a fucking treasure of a video right here!
After Alistair gives Jamie?€™s ass a proper licking, he gets him doggy style and fucks him. Slow and gentle at first until Jamie is primed and then Alistair pounds away. Jamie?€™s moans only get better ?€” and you don?€™t have to wonder if he?€™s loving it, because he says so! In fact, he loves it so much that Alistair literally fucks the cum out of him.
You really don?€™t want to miss this video. It?€™s a little over 20mins long but worth every single minute. The casual talk between the two of them is great and anyone who has seen Jamie?€™s webcam shows will be a little surprised by how relaxed and natural he seems here. It might only be January but we?€™re betting this is THE video of 2014 and SF is glad we could bring it to you!
(The first part of the video is from a cellphone, but switches to a better quality digital camera when the pair move to the bedroom.)

Format: mp4
Duration: 26:29
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 757kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 172.3 MB


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